“Only Amor”

“Only Amor”

At the outset, I admit I cannot help you with my mind

I am a mere man who will infect you with vile ideas in order to camouflage my own failures

I cannot help but leave you to die, for we all die alone

We weep for saints

It is only the angels in heaven that sing Hallelujah! for every single sinner who repents

Only Amor offers salvation

4 thoughts on ““Only Amor”

      1. Ola,

        I want to thank you for your support of me as your student and the success I am experiencing since I graduated from CCSF in 2015!

        My job is with SF Rec and Parks as a Recreation Leader III with my main assignment at Glen Park Canyon! It is a magical place full of Amor and if you will stop by with Listo Reddy in the near future, please give me a Hay…we offer open gym, pickle ball, parquor, ping pong, fitness equipment, and intellectual pursuits such as book group that I proudly host. We are always looking for diverse new titles from local authors.


        Joan Gallagher aka Book Queen📚😉

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