Looking for the Perfect Beat


For the reasonable person, “justice” is supposed to trigger comfort and complacency.

For the “unreasonable” person, “justice” seems like it should trigger frustration and anger.

Contrary to popular belief an argument’s logos or logic, many times, is not most important. Sometimes logos is lost through the smoke of arguments. The emotional impact of words, their pathos, however, is never lost because we can all relate to powerful human emotions.

Both reasonable and unreasonable justice mean revenge, punishment, stupidity, spite, and hate. The remedy for justice can never be a time machine to the past; that is impossible. Therefore, we talk about this word without even knowing what it means. We dedicate our lives to ignorance.

Justice is a joke.

If I am going to give my life for a word, the vagueness and absurdity of the word justice do not respect my life. So I search:

“Looking for the Perfect Beat” is the ultimate jam.

As a pre-teen kid, for hours, I would passionately practice looking for the perfect beat by break dancing, sweat raining down on the cut cardboard or linoleum pieces that we dragged out to the concrete street. We would catch the San Fran MUNI bus down to Fisherman’s Wharf and dance for pocket change and admiration. Through looking for the perfect beat, we found it—even though nothing ever was or ever would be perfect.

And that is what I am doing today, looking for the perfect beat in an imperfect world. The goal can be reached in the process. It is not found later; it is now.

Right now, we, by looking for the perfect beat are already in the best place, so I’m not going to address the past or the future, but I desire to appreciate the now of simply searching for the perfect beat, and that perfect beat is not necessarily the truth or some abstract fuzzy thing called justice: the perfect beat is what we have right now, and that, at its best, is


If I am going to dedicate my present, the only thing I know for certain in this universe, to something then I am going to dedicate my now to the feeling, not the knowledge, not the understanding of it, but just the feeling of amor. No one needs to explain love to me. No one needs to explain amor to you, either.

Do not be fooled by lies and bitterness. Those things waste your precious time, and what you have right now is now. Looking for the perfect beat is the wisdom of never finding it.

Que Viva Alex Nieto.

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