The People Fired SFPD Chief Suhr

Frisco Five Lowriders at Mission PoliceThe corrupt spirit of the San Francisco Police Department has been smashed.

It was not the politicians who fired the chief. It was not the billionaires that helped the poor. It was not the new techie hipsters that led us with their innovation.

The people, the locos y locas, the roots fired the chief of police of the richest city on planet earth.

It was not the policies that reformed the police department; it was the movement on the streets.

It was not the goodness of their hearts that made them change their minds; it was the blood on the concrete.

RIP Jessica Williams. RIP Alex Nieto. RIP Mario Woods. RIP Amilcar Perez Lopez. RIP Luis Gongora. RIP O’Shaine Evans.

There are more, too many more names to grieve. And mourn we must. And continue we must. There is only one way—not forward, but upward. For all of us.

Some may ask what does the firing mean, and I will respond, as always: Spirit Matters Most.

Now that the chief of police has been disgraced, all the police officers have been humiliated and humbled, which is good for them. Let them know how we constantly feel walking down the block, sitting in the classroom, and trying to just live our lives. Now they will know they are not the gods they pretend to be. Now they know the power of the people.

A Black man has replaced ex-chief Suhr. Allow the racist police to swallow that symbol. After having been so blatant with their bigotry, they must now accept orders from a person of color, from the type of person who they constantly kill. Or they must quit. Or stay and be confused and angry and frustrated and doubtful and stressed. Their world has turned upside down. The old guard has fallen.

For us, we can believe. It is a hard thing to hold faith, to believe in the invisible, the spirit of humans in their finest form. Believe we can. For with nothing except our amor and action, we won the battle. With nothing but shouts on the streets, we beat the batons and guns. With the faith of locura, total illogic, we proved our genius over their books and intellectual or economic equations.

A special grito to Amor for Alex Nieto, The Frisco Five, The Mario Woods Coalition, and all those grunts who created and held the frontline.

Con Safos.

Benjamin Bac Sierra

5 thoughts on “The People Fired SFPD Chief Suhr

  1. I applaud all the efforts made to get rid of Suhr. What’s next of the agenda? EdLee? He has ruined SF with all the tax breaks on the tech corps. I feel as if yesterday’s tragedy hadn’t occurred, Lee would still be backing up Suhr. He blatantly disrespected the Frisco 5 by avoiding them. How do you see Lee?
    Tomorrow I am going to a farewell party. My aunt who has lived on 24th and Mission for over 28 years has been evicted. I am tired, as a native San Franciscan, to see those that I grew up with have to move out. Its not right that we who have lived here all our lives cannot afford to buy a home for our families. Lee has to go. He has to.

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