“On the Ills of Insanity”


“On the Ills of Insanity”

You should stop your insanity so that you can boast of your smooth style.

Imagine you could simply stop being a loco, a sick-with-it street Sav. All of a sudden you become a good guy, a nice person. After a week of you not being a vida loca loco and confident that you can restrain yourself, you push the moment. Kickin it at La Raza Park, your homies Rooster, Joker, Payaso, and Smokey, drinking their beers, ask you:

“Hey, what’s up, why aren’t you loco?”

You respond, holding in all your arrogant insanity, “I quit being a loco.” And you whisper it in a super smooth style, sitting with your legs crossed, eyes squinting out into the beyond, smoking your cigarette and blowing out O’s.

Cool. The antithesis of vida loca.

A nice person cannot be a loco.

I mean, it’s good, better, isn’t it, to be a good guy instead of a sick-with-it street Sav?

The love of locura can lead only to destruction, which is the worst. Niceness, arrogance, and coolness destroy destruction, don’t they?

A man who is a loco is worthless, and a woman who is a loca is a street slut.

So, camaradas, let’s stop the insanity.





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