“Today Is Proof of Our Power: We Are Pura Neta, Pure Truth”

I write as an optimist and a realist, two contradictory identities that have somehow joined together in this absurd era.

Today is victory. This is winning, a present moment when we feel and see our power—if we have the courage to allow our empty hands to feel air and our eyes to see truth. With nothing more than our hands and our voices, we fight against guns, and we win simply by fighting. We will forever fight, even until the end of time.

Today is proof of our power.

We, the roots, have made truth, righteousness, and amor our guides. There is no weapon that can defeat Love for your Brothers and Sisters. We are Pura Neta, Pure Truth.

George Floyd was premeditatedly murdered over a “fake” twenty dollar paper bill that is not even as useful or valuable as toilet paper. His broad-daylight murder triggered all the other lies to the full light: the lie of color-blindness, the lie of equality, the lie of humanity, the lie of justice.

This is about George Floyd but also so much more. This is a resounding NO to mass media propaganda. This is NO to the lie that they tell us is history. This is NO to a pre-formatted future with no freedom and dignity. Across the United States today, we, the roots, are in the present moment.

The truth is that less than one hundred years ago, “Americans” would populate and celebrate lynchings. It was Apple Pie, the Fourth of July, and Baseball all wrapped into one event. There were also many mass riots here in the United States started by and fueled unilaterally by White people with red hot hate. We, the roots, have been feeling, listening to, and seeing shit for hundreds of years, but we had forgotten the brutality of history because no one teaches us true history, not even the few sentences written above. Then in 1964 with the Civil Rights Act, the machine began hiding the truth under the idea of colorblindness. The brutality did not stop, but it became a hidden psychological sociological torture full of schizophrenia and paranoia. If we even whispered that the textbooks, the entire curriculum, and everything we see in public propaganda were lies, we would be deemed insane and punished with “F” grades and imprisonment, the death penalty even!

These past three and a half years, Orange 45 and a sect of his followers have been clinging to a failed ideology, and they have been attempting to normalize stupidity.

They did not think we could ever effectively fight back because they never were taught that the past (AGAIN) cannot continue forever.

We fight back, and we win with nothing in our hands except empty air.

For how can Orange 45ers respond to this moment of victory? This is not the old civil rights era (no disrespect intended). All major cities across the United States saw thousands of people of all colors and backgrounds rise up for this moment. Across the pond in Germany, England, all over the world, thousands rose up to fight back even though it is not their specific fight! Yet it is: for it is an international fight for our very own humanity, our individual human being-ness.

Yes, the machine will try to clamp down now and later, try to keep Dixie alive in some song, but there is absolutely no way that they can erase truth of the spirit of what just happened and is happening on the streets, that will reshape this place and provide an unforeseen future based on real roots.

Think about it: how many Orange 45ers fight with the force of amor? Are they actually going to use those AR-15’s and Desert Eagle .50 caliber pistols against masses of unarmed gente? Then go ahead and do it, we say and prove ourselves by hitting the streets, entering the ring, and spreading amor. We will not back down. And then even if the machine went through with it, what would they get? Streets, cities full of murdered men and women, of all colors and sizes, genders and religious backgrounds—and those bodies and their spirit will simply fuel more Loved Ones to come out, mobilize, and keep fighting the good fight.

No, most Orange 45ers wouldn’t do it, some because their conscience would finally kick in, and others because there is simply no reason to do it! This is a very important point: they are fine in their own worlds. Most Orange 45ers are actually not overwhelmingly oppressed. They are middle class, and even if they are lower economic class, they have hope for some American Dream. They have more than enough and are not going to leave their comfortable homes and preconceived ideologies about George Washington to wage war against unarmed people in this place for no good reason. They would rather stay home and watch television.

However, as the late great Gil Scott-Heron famously wrote, the revolution will not be televised!

Many Orange 45ers wanted the nostalgia of post-World War Two American automobiles and dishwashers, but now, most, I believe, are at least starting to sense that is over. All that shit talking from Orange 45, they are feeling and seeing, is a lie. Orange 45 has been proven to be a clown, a buffoon, an insult even to the most stupid person’s intelligence. They are not going to rise up for an idiot. Mostly they want to exist more than they want to fight. That is the way with all wars. The regular folk never just automatically join the fight unless they truly believe in it. Some may imagine themselves as Rambo, but most are conscripted, drafted, or brainwashed into war.

War, in this 21st century, is obsolete anyway. There is no need for land or capital when the new economy, the new property is intellectual property, data stored in a make-believe nowhere Cloud. There is no longer any reason for all out physical war against anyone.

The new war is and will be about the war specifically to own and control people’s individual minds.

This past week’s uprisings across the United States and the world have proven that we do what we do because we do it, regardless of any intellectual idea. That is what even the smaatest people fail to understand: “I don’t understand why they would protest, “riot”, loot, or anything. It doesn’t make logical sense.”  Spirit is beyond intellect.  Struggling, fighting is victory. Orange 45ers and their allies do not understand that. They want to go back to some John Wayne days when there was a flag to be waved around on top of some hill and then planted, but that does not exist anymore, so they would rather just stay where they are or run away back to some impossibility. They have been fools for wishing for something that never was and that can never be AGAIN.

Today Is Proof of Our Power: We Are Pura Neta, Pure Truth.

Justice for Floyd by Oree

Image by Oree Original.



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