Forum Magazine Presents Pura Neta

Share Creativity:

A blessing to return to my original alma mater, City College of San Francisco, and present Pura Neta, my new novel, to Forum magazine.

This interview’s pretty good 🙂 If you are a creative writer or an aspiring writer (and we are all writers nowadays whether we like it or not), then I recommend you check this one out—or if you just want to be entertained by a loco storyteller poet, then join us for a good time!

Also, if you are an educator or a Loved One who works with youth, college students, or others who may benefit from a relatable educational and artistic street style forum, then consider using this for a discussion, essay topic, or final project.

Always in all ways all amor.

Click below to view the entire video:

Ben singing Pura Neta during the interview 🙂

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