“It Is Forbidden To Be So Honest”

“It Is Forbidden To Be So Honest”

Human beings are ugly

That is our natural state
Our natural roots
Beyond language
Yet with the language
We use
We abuse
Are described as
Brown dirt shit

My brother had
Brown and Proud
Tattooed on his stomach
On his right arm
His knock out arm
He had a
Of himself
With shaved head
Naked chest
Holding his fists up
Wearing creased and pleated
Baby cuffed
Above his cartoon picture
Were the words
“What’s up, Vato!?”
Challenging everyone to a

Brown and Proud

He was funny like that
Ugly like that
Perhaps even

Before I was
Anything called a
Human being
I was an ugly animal
That is how
Smart people would
Convince me
To look at
Myself of

Hunch backed
Jungle monkey
Swinging from
Vine to vine
In search of
Without any problems
Especially not
Words like
Life and
So sophisticated
So civilized

According to the
Common sense of
Human beings,
Are actually better
More moral than
Human beings
Yet they do not teach us
This truth
In school

It is forbidden
To be so

Join us this Saturday, December 19 from 2 to 330. See the Jingletown flyer for more info. I will be performing the poem above.

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