“Cholos y Cholas: America and Its Dogs”

It is mas Amor that has led me to this new journey. In it is the essence of Familia. I am a servant of Always in All Ways All Amor Eterno.

There has always existed an urge inside of me to be a sinner who deserved his own hell. By believing the mission was already accomplished, I was in store for the hells of hedonism and vanity. I knew all of it was wrong and stupid because I had already lived that life of sin, and, yes, even there, there were moments of Love, but it was never total truth. It was always false, and I felt it all of the time at many moments throughout the day and also in the middle of the night. I was a minion of insanity.

In order to serve Amor, you must lead in Spirit.

I knew this would be hard, and there was no reason for me to do it, but I had imagined all of the most beautiful things in the world, and all of it is a lie if there is no Love.

With that in mind, but also in order to serve spirit that helped heal me, I decided to do what I believe can help and heal people.

The Amor of the American Pit Bull Terrier.

If you serve this spirit, you offer and share unstoppable spirit. You serve health and fitness, athleticism and art. You become Familia with this animal and spread that spirit everywhere you are.

This is a good thing—to live in Amor and to be able to one day Gift purebred Pit Bull puppies to Loved Ones, especially Familias, so that they, too, receive the blessings of health, which is wealth, and Amor, which is the face and kingdom of God.

Familia needs and wants this Amor, so it is my blessing and duty to continue this journey that leads to paradise.

But I did not want to wait for all of this. I was impatient because I know that this breeding will take about 18 months to complete. I wanted to Gift puppies now! I asked God to help me give to others.

The morning I prayed this, an elderly O.G. Dog Man from across the country called me and said:

“Ben, I like the way you do things. Besides the female you’re already getting from me, I want to gift you an extra puppy, a six-month old May Day male, same Bloodline as your Reddy Ryder. I know it’ll be in good hands with you.”

It is like a miracle that this renowned Dog Man Gifted me another purebred APBT blessing, a priceless gift that I have now gifted to a loving Familia that wants and needs it. 

This family knew my Brother Jeff, RIP. Before he died 15 years ago, my Brother had been teaching the oldest boy how to ride a bike. They even used to call him Uncle Jeff.

My Brother was an unabashed Cholo, just like the Cholo Brother I met at the Golden State APBT Conformation show in Riverside last month.

In the Junior Handler’s class, this shaved-headed Cholo was showing his red with black mask Family dog. With lots of Love, this Cholo father guided his eight-year old son into the center of the show ring. He was tough, a good brother, a happy Homeboy. All day he had smiles and laughter to give away freely. We even rapped a bit after he and his super-cut hound won the 12-18 month male class competition. With Cholo pride and cool energy, they were fit and capable.

He and I were actually twin Cholos at the show—he with his shaved-head, brown skull, baggy black t-shirt and maddogger shades, and me with my San Fran Frisco baseball hat, Ben Davis Cholo shirt, black baggy O.G. shorts, and lowtop Converse Chucks.

The term Cholo was originally constructed as an insult against us, but Cholos y Cholas took the insult of being mutt dogs and transformed that curse word into a point of pride and humility. Cholos y Cholas, Brothers and Sisters with class.

In honor of Cholos y Cholas everywhere, I bless our new APBT brood-bitch pup with the official registered pedigreed placaso of Chola Chula.

In honor of my Brother N Jeff’s spirit, the male pup’s pedigreed name will be Frisco Cholo.

America and Its Dogs.

My Cholo Brother, N Jeff, RIP
Chola Chula and Reddy Ryder, APBT May Day Machobuck Blood

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