Infinite Amor

It is all an illusion.

You do not even know what you know. You must be impossible, and that is the way it should be, beyond even an illusion.

Throw yourself into the moment at all times, or admit that the constant moment is too much consciousness for any human


The most powerful force in the universe is beyond our understanding, yet we make-believe a word to represent what we can never know. All of these things are simply

Spider Symbols

Crawling along on this


But that which is GOD or G-D or 2+2=4 or nothing or everything or beyond even the illusion of the illusion of infinity, whatever that means, is


It is supposed to frighten you and awe you and ultimately even kill you so that you can live for infinity, in infinity, inside of infinity.

In the book of Exodus, God wants to be identified as

“I am that I am.”

There is no greater being than that.

In this world, the greatest form of being, the manifestation of God itself, is love, love for each other in tribute to love for God, that which we can never understand: I am that I am.

The best I can do is amor. No one can ask more from me; no one deserves less. I submit to God’s will, which is


If you have love in your heart, you have everything, even eternal life.

Everyone has this power within them. 

Be careful, though, because amor can be a slogan or an excuse or an oversimplification, unless you actually action it out into the world. If you do not test amor, then you can never really know its power. Hate is your enemy. You must look at your enemy in his eyes. You will not believe until you see it first with yourself. The most horrible moments expose you to consciousness.

Look into the mirror.

You must look into yourself because hate is within you, too. This consciousness blasts you into reality. In that worst reality, you are able to see and know and feel that there is really only one option out of and inside of hate: close combat amor.

Although there are many logical options available for this fight, like ugliness and bitterness, the only strategy that makes sense and feels right is amor. There is a logic to love, yet it is beyond logic.

Jesus Christ.

Jesus Christ, the son of God, came to earth to sacrifice himself for ugly humans who betrayed him, humiliated him, and murdered him, yet Christ still loves us.

This story is the key to eternal life, which is beyond religion or mysticism.

I could not have been able to come to this conclusion unless I had gone through the horror of hate. We are all of the characters in the Gospel.

The only way you can become better at amor is by giving it away to others and being vulnerable enough to give it to even yourself.

Everything else will be erased away, everything else will collapse, but eternal life is in amor. That is impossible for most people to understand unless they can go beyond hate and logic. Eternal life is not about a human standard of eternity, which some people make-believe means that our physical flesh will exist within this illusion of time or that we will be surrounded by our human Loved Ones forever. Those limitations insult infinity.

With love you are not somewhere else; with love you are in the grace of the present moment, which is the same as eternal life, which is beyond consciousness. You do not need to know anything.

By being alive with love in your heart for yourself and for others, you have consummated with eternity.

Art by Josue Rojas, San Fran Frisco, Faith, Hope, Love
Life is for the Birds 🙂 Me n Mama with the Pajaritos of Centro America, including the Quetzal
Workout Morning at Lake Merritt, Oakland. Wearing Tony Robles’ gift: Long Live the International Hotel

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