We are all liars, even in confession.

During my first Catholic Confession, I lied, like all human beings lie. I do not remember the exact lie I told, but I was six years old, and up to that point, it was the most important event of my life. I wore black slacks, black plastic shoes, white short-sleeve shirt, and black bow tie.

I did not think myself important or smart enough to have a good evil sin, so I made something up, something cool, like breaking a window, as if at that age, I could hit a ball hard enough to smash a window.

It was strange to sin about my sin. The priest must have known that I was lying but did not smirk at, argue with, or chastise me.

Five Our Fathers.

Five Hail Marys.

That is standard redemption for the worst of crimes.

We are supposed to forgive others for their fantasies that make them feel more important about their evil and for what they hide from us by lying to us.

Diego Rivera’s Pan-American Unity–A Confession of Pura Neta
If only we could be so noble 🙂

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