Repentance and Redemption

Repentance can only be manifested in love to others. Love is greater than any rules or restrictions, for what good does it do to follow the rules or be confined by restrictions, but not have actual amor in your heart? To show your sincere apology, you do for others because you know how wretched you are. Therefore, you forgive others. You give and offer them your repentance through the love you give to them and to perfect strangers, Brothers and Sisters, no matter their human faults.

You prove through love.

This is very hard, harder than the rules, harder than the restrictions. With love, you are required to create, for absolution requires action on your part. By giving amor no matter what, you are offering the manifestation of Ten Our Fathers and Ten Hail Marys.

Redemption, the reward, is a never ending process until the day you die. Redemption is not yours. It is not for you.

It is for others.

Redemption is for others.
For the past week I have been going to different places here in the Bay Area and reading, writing, drinking some cafecito, listening to Sol Soul Oldies, and handwriting out calligraphy script for perfect strangers. I do not introduce myself, and I do not ask their names. I hand them the piece of notebook paper and simply offer them amor. We will never see each other again. Spirit matters most.
Sather Gate, U.C. Berkeley
Given to a history major
Given to a barista
Given to two workers who placed it on the dash of their truck
Given to a family on the street
Given to Mi Madre Querida, Margarita
For my Strong and Brave Brother
At the San Pancho Presidio
Given to a couple who were marveling at the view
This young Brother climbed out of the bushes and was headed to work. It is impossible and absurd and all amor that he is wearing a sweatshirt stating Angel Dust, which was our hallucination of choice in the 1980’s vida loca varrios. He confided to us that he had never smoked a maton.

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