“Sin of Strength”

“Sin of Strength”

Will I
Take from
This place

Not one
Cup of coffee
Not one
Lump of sugar

Sweetness dies

I cannot help
But know this
I cannot help
But be strong

It is a sin

So much vanity
So much suffering
So much life

Courage and cowardice

I waste my days
I waste my nights
Hitting sets of 100
Reading big books
Searching for strength

The more I train
The better I become

Ha Ha!

As if one existence
Is better than another

My muscles mean mush
My knowledge is empty

It was someone else
Who bullied me into
The terror of

It was not my choice
I listened to teachers
I believed the news
I made money
And it did not
Kill me but
Made me stronger

This curse
This dog chasing its tail

To keep strength
You must
Or else you
Will wither

Such stupidity

Am I a traitor
Am I weak
For dreaming of

“Don’t Let Me Be Misunderstood” Art by Hie Cue, http://www.hiecueart.com/
The dog does not try to be strong; it simply is what it is. It is only we, humans, who have made-believe that this is all some contest or competition, and that corrupts us.

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