Bone Marrow Match Campaign for Marco Tony “Lowride” Guardado, SAT 10-16-21 at La Raza Park :)

With lots of love, I write these words for our Brother Marco Tony Lowride—

Join our community on Saturday, October 16, 2021 from 12-5 p.m. at La Raza Park (25th and San Bruno Ave.), San Fran Frisco, for a Bone Marrow donor match campaign for our Loved One, your Loved One, Marco Tony “Lowride”, who is suffering from aggressive leukemia and needs a bone marrow donor in order to survive.

Please come through to share, receive, and give love. We have 150 bone marrow match kits. Get a swab passed inside of your cheek so that we can send out the results to see if you are a match. It is possible that if your bone marrow matches with his, you can literally help save his life.

I have personally conferred with the doctors, and they guarantee me that for the donor, the bone marrow transplant is a painless, non-threatening procedure. Marco’s body will have to adjust to the new bone marrow, but it is the only long-term solution to save his life.

We will have fine rides, music, food, and all amor.

With community love, anything is possible, as we have always proven:

The Vida Loca Pura Neta Community Make-a-Wish Foundation 🙂 is proud to present to Marco his dream car, a solid, safe, dependable, clean and polished 73 Chevy Caprice Classic!

Thank you to all who made his dream a reality! This ranfla will be his inspiration to get through the toughest times.

Lowrider Amor and Medicine.


Game, Always Game

Find out more information about the bone marrow campaign here at this link:

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