Poem: “Blowing Smoke”

“Blowing Smoke”

Sometimes I drink—just like an infant.

I clutch at the bottle of life.

Sometimes I smoke and blow out O’s—just like a gangster.

I offer this as a kiss:

I promise you I will not let you die.

Even if death or ruination comes, I will fight against it and love even your ghost that I will never allow to die.

During the night, I will stay alone to keep you company, to make sure you do not despair in eternity.

At three o’clock in the morning, we will talk in order to exist.

I will live for you, even while you are not there, yet you will be there—ALIVE.

I promise you.

2 thoughts on “Poem: “Blowing Smoke”

    1. The picture is from a dozen years ago. The poem mentions having to fight against death and ruination, so I thought it would be applicable to show them both and how one can fight against them with all Amor 🙂

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