“San Pancho: 415 Til the Wheels Fall Off”

“San Pancho: 415 Til the Wheels Fall Off”

A woman walks down 24th, turns right onto Balmy Alley, and pauses to flex at the Mission Makeover Mural.

Why does she smile when she lights her blunt?

It is style to explode like a flower.

Amor emerges as eternity.

San Pancho.

Saint of wild wolves.

On Twin Peaks, I look up at the midnight sky, but I must close my eyes to keep from falling.

You are full of wild wolves. I hear them howling.

I, too, am El Lobo, but I’m trying, trying really hard to be El Santo.

Like San Pancho.

I need a drink, a twelve-pack of beer and a bottle of Ta-Kill-Ya.

I’m thirsty.

I will not refuse even a shot of vinegar.

I will always be thirsty.

Something happened, something happened here in this beautiful place that not even the stars talk about it.

San Pancho, can you help them, too?

I sing to my ancestors for an answer.

Sometimes the night is brighter than the light.

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