Mission Love: the Film!

Mission Love: the Film!

Para Uncle Ray Balberan:

Join us this Saturday, October 22, from 6:30 to 8:30 p.m. for the world premiere of Uncle Ray’s unprecedented original film “Mission Love” at the Brava Theater in La San Fran Mision!

Out of Amor, Ray has worked and served in the Mission District for over 50 years. I have personally been with him on front lines before. He is a good man, an uncle, an O.G., a real Brother, a loving human being. He has documented the grassroots history of family and community in the Mission district. No one recorded this type of raw roots footage. This is our roots.  

It is my honor, our honor, to attend the premiere and support our Loved One.

It will be a blessing for us to get together and offer and share Amor with each other:

“Mission Love” the Film!

Benjamin Bac Sierra

Purchase your tickets here:


Uncle Ray and Ben working with lots of love at the Barrio Bushido book premiere at the Mission Cultural Center, 2011

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