Chop Wood, Carry Water

“Chop Wood, Carry Water”

I do not work for civilization. I work for savagery.

Civilization wants me to work for its chains. Savagery wants me to work to break free.

I can’t help being part of this civilization, this tar and cement. I was born into it, so have been brainwashed since birth. I work to waste my time.

Jump beyond this civilized world. Free yourself from fear. Jump from one branch to another. There is no more than this—one branch to the next.

Chop wood, carry water.

Savage skills.

Not for muddy gold, but for clear water.

Higher aesthetics, higher ideals? I don’t know.

I have what is in my muscles and heart, and that is all I will ever have.

Savage spirit.

Desire the difficulty of the unknown:


N Jeff chopping wood, carrying water as a prisoner firefighter.
In the 90’s it was a compliment and a curse to be a Sav. Benny, circa 1991, returning from combat. Farmer red overalls 🙂
This poem is para Benny.

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