Literary Video Audio Amor Art: “Game-Driven APBT Pit Bull Prey-Drive Swimming Conditioning”

I share with you some Love:

Literary Video Audio Amor Art: “Game Driven APBT Pit Bull Prey Drive Swimming Conditioning”

Impromptu Narration in the Video:

All Amor for the American Pit Bull Terrier!

Hello everyone, I hope you are blessed 🙂

I’m making this video to showcase the American Pit Bull Terrier performing game-driven, prey-drive swimming conditioning.

Right now, here you see earlier in the day. This is Reddy’s warm-up period. We’re at a place called Crissy field (San Fran Frisco).

Look at him drive! Look at him go full force! Now I am introducing him to the ball, and he loves this. His eyes light up, Reddy. I play keep-away with him because I want to build in him the drive to wanna go further and further, all the way.

You see he’s playing around with the ball, he’s gonna be shaking it out a bit. I get it back from him, and I throw it just a little way at first. This is excellent exercise for all of his body, every part of his body. It’s good on the joints because he’s in water, and he’s in sand, so it’s a lot better than him jumping around on cement or a hard surface.

You see he knows I got it. He wants to work because I built this desire in him ever since he was a puppy, and you see he’s going in and getting the ball, warming up in the bay, the ocean—because this is the mouth of the ocean.

This is the Golden Gate right here. It can seem intimidating. It can seem overwhelming, so this is why ever since he was a pup, I have introduced him to the water, specifically big bodies of water like the bay, the ocean, Aquatic Park.

He’s gonna get the ball, go again to get it. He is going to want to go even further. This is a good example to show that he’s confident, but he’s cautious. He’s a very smart dog. He is excellent around human beings, both adults and children. I have socialized him in a lot of different places and activities his entire life.

I really wanted to show you how he continues to go forward, and he’s pushing me making me go backwards and in circles. You see he jumps inward and forward into the ball.

This is the spirit of the American Pit Bull Terrier. This is our new era. We can keep the Game-Drive in these beautiful animals that are like my Brothers. It is my honor now to be Game for them; they already proved themselves to me. It’s my turn to serve them, so right here, I’m doing this so that Reddy feels the most out of life.

Check out what is happening in the video. He is so prey-driven and focused on that ball that even though this dog wants to play with him, he stays focused. In another circumstance he would play with the dog, but I got him very focused on this ball, and look at him shake on it. He’s shaking on the ball, and he is connecting a lot of different things together.

Look at his face. Look at his eyes. Look at what he’s doing with his whole energy. He seems like he’s in a different world, a trance, and what does he want?

He wants to go all the way with it, and this is the spirit that I encourage from him. This is the spirit that will keep him healthy. It will keep him mentally active, and it will keep him with that spirit that we all love. Look at him come back. Look at him go full-force.

What I’m gonna do now is throw the ball further. He’s ready for it now. He wants it. You can see it in his face. You can see his determination. You can see his gameness, that game spirit in him. There goes the overwhelming ocean that could drown him. It could seem like something beyond his own power. It’s the power of the infinite. The ocean, perhaps, is the greatest power of Earth, and he’s challenging it, challenging himself, and he just wants to keep going. It’s very good that this other dog was here because it shows how he kept his focus on what he needed to do.

You’re gonna see now that I’m gonna get the ball again, and this time I’m throwing it out all the way. Look at how he’s ready for it, yet he’s patient for it, too. I’m gonna throw it far now just like at the beginning of the video, and you’re gonna see him go all the way. You see the ball plop right there, and there he goes. There he goes.

It’s American Pit Bull Terrier Reddy Ryder Listo Love against the Bay. He’s doing it all the way, and he’s determined, and now he’s coming back, and what does he want?

He wants me to eventually get the ball from him, and he wants to keep going even more, even harder.

This is all Amor for the American Pit Bull Terrier.

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