Poem: I Communicate What I Can

“I Communicate What I Can”

You see my soul

These words try to be little lights or maybe the moon on a cold dark night

La Luna follows me, and I am a child again amazed at the universe

Wherever you are, there is God

Back then, no matter the misery, every little thing was the power of God

The words were for wonder

You could not tell whether it was real or some type of imagination

Then one day you lost it, and no matter how hard you looked, you could not find it

Then we met, and you found my soul for me, and like before, I could not tell whether it is real or just my imagination

Is it my life or yours?

In Amor, I am not me

I am you, and you are me

My soul is your soul

Look in the mirror and see your Soul

Reddy Ryder Listo Love: Pura Neta

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