As a writer, I want to give the muse’s spirit to others so that they can share in its sublime joy—for that is what the muse is—a beautiful spirit that embraces your soul and fills it with agony and ecstasy in expressing yourself—

But what is there to express?

Really, not very much, yet with the muse all is new and shiny stars. The expression is filled with passion, and I don’t care whether I am blessed or cursed or whether the words express anything. What drew me to be a writer was that I had felt that there was something inside of words, a muse, some special spirit of Amor.

These words are dead, and she, the muse that existed then, is also long gone. There is a sadness in writing these words down, even though her spirit rose from the dead and came back again and again in another form. I felt the same, but different, because she always comes back with new magic, and sucker that I am, I accept her with all my dreams and nightmares.

The reason I write is so that You always come back to me.

Por Vida

Chola Chula

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