Martin Luther King Jr. Day 2020, Oakland City Church, Ben Bac Sierra Speaks



Always in all ways, all Amor.

What’s that?



Thank you.

Respect and power to you, for without you my words are meaningless, to all of the presenters; thank you for sharing, and to Reverend Harry Williams, for organizing this and for being a light.

Jesus Christ and Martin Luther King, Jr.’s philosophy of love transformed my life. So much so that in honor of amor love I helped create and build the biggest movement ever in the history of the United States to defend a Latino victim of a police killing. Amor for Alex Nieto. Love for Alex Nieto.

That love is stolen from Christ and King, stolen amor so that I can share it with you. They would, I believe, be happy at my burglary! They loved the thieves and the hustlers and the penitentiary gangsters.

I grew up with violence and anger all around. The house, the streets. Witnessed it in mass scale during the war in 1991. Love, I thought, meant pacifism which was for cowards.

Love is not for cowards. For love, you must be courageous and gift your entire mind, body, and soul, even though you know you will be betrayed. That’s ok. That’s Jesus Christ. That’s Martin Luther King, Jr. Love is simply my gift to you, no matter what, even until the end of time.

I got you.

Now this concept of love is heavy, Homes, true genius, beyond genius.

Love is God.

And God is the alpha and the omega, beyond technology.

Technology is violent.

It is arguing, they are arguing right now, that technology is our savior, that it should be our new God, another Golden Calf.

Here is their opera (I sing this):

Technology is genius and knows best. Technology makes us rich and evolves us. Stupid Peasants, submit to technology because it is perfect. Accept your doom with a happy face 🙂

Give me the land of God!


Gentrification comes from the root gentry. Gentry relates to ROYALTY. The gentry are right next to the nobles and are afforded good privilege and social position in society.

The gentry believe in

The great chain of being

This was a medieval concept

About the hierarchical nature of


To be is to be





Next Nobles

Then Gentry



Poor folk are

Pre-destined to be at the

Bottom of the chain


The gentry


The law and lie of



Wildflowers must be massacred

Or sent to prison, one of the most profitable moneymaking institutions in modern history: the prisons. Before they needed us to pick cotton or coffee or lettuce, but now they don’t even need our muscles, Homes! They just throw us in cages where we play dominoes and spades, while they cash in on our spirits.

Black and Brown bodies are their capital, their profit: $80,000 dollars per inmate per year.

It’s insanity.

But hard work is not the answer.

Hard work, let’s be clear, is an outdated Puritan work ethic myth that won’t allow the system simply to give away humanity. Puritans: Pilgrims. No, they will give us nothing because you are supposed to work for everything because there is no such thing as a human right, such as a home, a place where you can rest and grow. The hard work ethic myth revolves around this belief that the devil will steal us to sin if we’re just havin a good time! The upper classes aint never had to follow this rule—cause it was always someone else doin all the hard work for nothin, specifically African Americans who built this country.

Obedience is obsolete.

Love is the answer.

It is not very complicated.

Pura Neta, which is Spanglish street slang for Pure Truth.

Love is who you are, who we naturally are. We need the roots no one ever teaches us, that no technology cares about evolving in us.

We need to be amazed again, like we were in the beginning. WOKE. We need consciousness to be consciousness, whispers in the wind, which is who and what we naturally are.

We need to critique this fake power that they try to tell us is the truth. Without the critique, we’re just gonna keep ignorant and thinking everything is the way it’s supposed to be. Problem is we don’t learn the truth first; in school they feed us some garbage we eat as the truth. But in order to really learn truth, we gotta learn lies, learn to smash the lies—then we can move from there.

We do not need giant solutions. We exist today. Right now. We can help an abuelita carry her groceries right now. We can buy a loved one a slice of pizza or a beer right now. Our words and actions can be medicine. The big problems will continue to exist, but like the ancient Japanese book Hagakure says, “Matters of great concern should be treated lightly. Matters of small concern should be treated seriously.” Then when a serious tragedy occurs, like the murder of Alex Nieto, the positive beautiful energy is already there for the people to rise up. That is the way things can get done. The victory is in the constant struggle, the beautiful struggle.

Grassroots people got game.

This is what I want for my life: to serve, to steal, and to share.

To live and die in love, amor.

Blessings upon you all.

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