Writer Rider: Creating Concoctions of Craziness


Regardless of what is happening anywhere else, right now, at this moment, we are living our legacy. Through an unexplainable mystery of intelligence and spirit, we were created and at the same time created ourselves. Perhaps most of all, our tragedies and suffering have shaped us to this beautiful moment.

You have your passions; I have mine. I am a writer. Through this solitude and sharing, I try to discover myself and communicate ideas that many others may not see, even though those ideas are immediately in front of them. I reach down for roots because if we bend our backs and bow our knees to pick and give reverence to roots, we can be more honest about other things, everything else. Therefore, I write in order to uncover and, ultimately, create text that flows from this mystery and that will hopefully engage with others and spark them to action. We all have the power to see, but through no fault of our own, we have been brainwashed so much that we simply may not see our own face in the mirror.

I want to see. I love to see, to be shocked, to be uncomfortable, to learn, to push progress because I believe that makes the world a better place. There is no Utopia. The best we can do is to constantly expose power to the light, question power, check power. By doing this we all become more powerful because we see that most power that is used to bully us is illegitimate and dishonest. We cannot depend on the system because it was invented to keep us shackled and afraid. By exposing corruption, we feel and know that we, both individually and collectively as human people, are powerful. We can feel our own legitimate power by unshackling our minds. Only we have the power to free ourselves. With a sense of possibility beyond imagination, we then can help ourselves, our loved ones, and others. But the creativity can only come because of first the critique, as without the critique, we will continue to believe everything is fine or that we are powerless—so will do nothing original, nothing for others: there is no need to create if everything is as perfect and static as the textbooks tell us it is.

I struggle to give the best of myself to myself and to others, family, friends, perfect strangers. I volunteer to be a paradigm of grit, critical thinking, creativity—and that only comes from the hours, days, months, years, this exact moment invested in learning, thinking, writing, trying to understand things, actioning, and amor.

I live what I write and believe.

With that stated, I invite you this Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, Monday, January 20, 2020 at 10:00 a.m. to join us for action and amor at Oakland City Church on 2735 Mac Arthur Boulevard, Oakland, Califas.

We will share how we can fight the system by creating concoctions of craziness and putting it all into action.


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