“Born Dead Game”

“Born Dead Game”

What’s real is
Vida Loca
Which most cannot accept
Even though they feel her
In their heart

This constant beat
Does not make sense
But there is no use
Being bitter or angry or afraid

She is simply
Vida Loca
And will always
Defend herself with

She is not guilty

Do you get angry or afraid
When a good crazy
Homeless person
Yells at you?


How can you be bitter about
Your own life?
She screams at you
Because she knows you
From somewhere
She remembers you
From somewhere
It is You
Who does not remember
Vida Loca

She is a blessing
A wise witch
Like the prophets of old
Were all considered

No matter the outcome
You must love her
Because she is all you got

Whether you like it or not
You were
Dead Game
In this fight

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