Good Friday

Today is not a day of miracles.

Today is a day when all of humanity’s stupidity and ugliness is manifested in the murder of an innocent man who practiced what he preached and proved Amor until the end.

He loved beyond logic, for no intelligent human being should love this much: to bless us with the gift of Love and then sacrifice himself for stupid sinners—

Who betrayed him

Who denied him

Who ran away as cowards

Who framed him in kangaroo courts

Who spit on him, slapped him, scourged him, and humiliated him

Who nailed him to a cross and crucified him.

Today he cries not for revenge or justice: “Forgive them for they know not what they do.”

Even if it brings about torture and death, there is no more truth than Amor.

The Body of the Dead Christ in the Tomb by Hans Holbein

Love is…

To love the delicate grace
of the blue swan and of the pink rose;
to love the light of dawn
and the light of the stars that open themselves
and the light of the smiles that broaden…
To love the abundance of the tree,
to love the music of the water
and the sweetness of the fruit
and the sweetness of the sweet souls….
To love the lovable, is not love.

Love is becoming a pillow
for the fatigue of each day,
becoming a living Sun
in the longing of the blind seed
which lost the course of the light,
imprisoned by the Earth,
defeated by the same Earth…

Love is disentangling tangles
of roads in the darkness:
Love is being a road and a ladder!
Love is this loving which pains us,
which bleeds deeply, deeply within us…

It is entering into the entrails of the night
and to find its seedling star…
The hope of the star!…

Love is loving from the black root.
Love is forgiving,
and what is beyond forgiving,
is understanding…
Love is pressing oneself to the cross,
and nailing oneself to the cross,
and dying and resurrecting…

Love is resurrecting!

Dulce Maria Loynaz

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