“Listo Love”

Listo Love”

In order to become Amor, you must submit your own intelligent will to the will and the face and the kingdom of God, which is Amor action in this world that then creates Amor Eterno, which is in the present moment and forever.

Yesterday, Saturday, October 1, my Brother Maca and I cruised around San Fran Frisco city with Reddy Ryder. Sprinting, he took us to offer and share love at Mission Dolores and Alamo Park. That’s what we do; we go everywhere as Misioneros of Amor. But Maca and I are only human beings. Reddy, the Pit Bull dog, leads the way with his natural spirit full of Listo Love.

We stopped to eat some good junk at Divisadero and Sutter. While we were munching away on the street, a voice full of demons shouted at my Brother.

“Why you lookin at me? Are you angry?” He was a tall 30-something fit fight-club style white man with his right hand already in a cast. He didn’t give a fuck.

“I aint angry. I’m just eating my sandwich,” Maca shouted back annoyed.

White Bro stood facing a fight no matter what it meant to him and his demons. With Reddy and my Brother, I was Listo and loudly proclaimed:


“What?” He was startled. He didn’t understand. He could not process that in this situation someone could offer and share Love.

Amor,” I proclaimed again as I locked onto his blue eyes. “Jesus Christ,” I said.

He smiled. Two seconds earlier he had been ready to kill or be killed. He was full of demons.

“Jesus Christ,” I repeated.

He smiled wider, and I kept looking in his eyes, and they became happy. He let out the shy laughter of a child.

“Jesus Christ,” he said with a smile and a blessing, and the demons literally left him. He turned and walked happily away from us and into the kingdom of God, which is Always in All Ways All Amor Eterno.

Reddy Ryder at Alamo Park on Saturday, October 1
From the previous week, Saturday, September 24: Maca, Me, Reddy spreading Amor at the repainting of El Gangster Cholo Ben Davis Sign on Mission Street, San Fran Frisco City.

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