Barrio Bushido Amoranalysis

For the past month, more than a dozen Loved Ones, perfect strangers, have been voluntarily reading and discussing Barrio Bushido in a book club.

That by itself is sick-with-it because that book is sick-with-it.

Join us as I offer and share Amoranalysis of Barrio Bushido with them and all tomorrow, Tuesday, May 23 from 1-3 p.m. at the Glen Canyon Park Recreation Center.

If you are free, come through. I would love to gift you a book 🙂

Here is part of Barrio Bushido Amoranalysis:

P. 7: Santo: “Ay, Bro, are we sick?”

P. 14: Lobo: “What was I supposed to do?”

P. 112: Toro: “But what the fuck is a Marine?”

P. 173: Santo and Maricela: A Letter to Myself.

P. 187: Santo: free cheese: “They want to kill the mice with poison cheese.”

P. 212: Animo: “Only you know the definition of life and death. And is this fact or fiction? Only you know.”

P. 255: Lil Cartoon: capitalism cannibalism.

I will also share regarding magical realism, Sol Soul Oldies, angel dust matones, y mucho mas!

Your servant of Amor,


Presenting Barrio Bushido at Howard Zinn Book Event, SF, 2016
Barrio Bushido Book Premiere, Mission Cultural Center, February, 2011
Ben presenting Barrio Bushido on UCTV at Berkeley, Califas

One thought on “Barrio Bushido Amoranalysis

  1. Hola Ben!

    You are so amazing 🤩 This is terrific. You are full of surprises Amorgo😉

    Please know that you are in our minds and souls though we resist…Corazon takes longer as we slowly leave our comfort zone.


    Omnia Vincit AMOR

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