Which Is Worse?

“Which is Worse?”

Yes, it gets even more difficult when I betray my own self. How can I blame others or anything when my own hypocrisy condemns me?

I don’t even like myself, what I believe I have created with my gestures and postures. It seems as if I created them in order to despise them.

The Absurd is logical-illogical.

I wonder, is it worse to be imprisoned by four walls or by my own vanity?

I write these words in order to contradict and forget myself.

In this most intimate relationship, I lie.

It is with strangers in certain moments that I feel the closest camaraderie. The person who poured me a cup of coffee is my best friend. They are me, a stranger to myself. When we smile, it means something.

Whatever I write, whatever this is or means, maybe it can help some hurt soul.

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