Human Judgment is a False god

“Human Judgment is a False god”

In the beginning was judgment.

We created our own pretend power, our golden calf, because we always need to submit to something because our own weakness will have it no other way.

Vain humans submit to their sublime human judgments.

Allow me to explain that which cannot be explained:

A judge pretends power, but actually submits to common consciousness. In fact, the individual alone does not even know how to judge, would be afraid to judge his own shadow, so he submits to collective invisible ideas that are supposedly irrefutable and eternal.

Then one night, questions visit:

“Who am I? What am I doing?”

“I am them in all their horror, and together, we judge our very own damnation.”

Human judgment is a false god. This beginning was our end. 

Amor, which is within and beyond the self and outside of common consciousness, is always possible and impossible.

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